March 2021

Many of you have inquired as to the status of a Park Progress Day event this year, so we wanted to give you an update.

The Park Committee has met, and decided that due to lingering COVID concerns, we will not be holding our traditional full day of events.

However, we do feel that it’s important to carry on the tradition of the fireworks show. This is one way that we feel we can safely bring the community together to celebrate our country’s birthday, and to enjoy some sense of normalcy during a time when so many parts of our lives have been turned upside down.

Honestly, we struggled with this decision due to the cost of the fireworks. As you know, the purpose of Park Progress Day is to raise money to fund improvements to our parks. With no fundraising event last year or this year, and the expense of the fireworks, we may have to delay some of the plans we had in place prior to the pandemic, including the gazebo to be built in Brooks Park.

The committee is working on plans to raise funds to help offset these losses so we can continue our mission for our friends and neighbors in our community. Raffle boards have worked very well for us in the past, so we may put those together in the near future.

We will also be accepting monetary support from any businesses and community members who are able to partner with us in our fundraising efforts.

We’ll be posting updates as our plans take shape, so check back often! And as always, thank you for your continued support of Park Progress Day and our community.