The traditional Park Progress Day has been cancelled for 2020 due to the Covid-19 virus.  The Village of Rockland will be having fireworks at dusk on Saturday, June 27th at Gaylord Park.  The village asks that attendees at the park please use social distancing practices.  There is no parking allowed on the grass in the park.  If you plan to watch from your vehicle, please park in the parking lot.

Thank you & Stay Safe


Park Committee

                                  Shari Axelsen                 Carol Maulsby

                                  Julie Brooks                    Jan Stacey

                                  Cathy Dresen                  Sue Tiry

                                  Ruth Elsen                      Dana Wuensch

                                  Carole Helgesen             Paul Wuensch

                                  Jon Hohlfeld                   Linda Young, chairperson

                                  Ann Johnson

Rockland Village Hall

105 W. Center Street

P.O. Box 124

Rockland, WI 54653

(608) 486-4037

Village Hall Hours

Monday 8:00-4:00

Tuesday 8:00-4:00

Wednesday Noon-4:00

Thursday 8:00-4:00

Friday Closed

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