Village President & Trustees

Village President:

Jon Hohlfeld  317-4309


Village Trustees:

 Paul Langrehr 386-7202    Bob Rueckheim 498-8902

 Ole Mathison 461-0887     Corey Wilson 461-2083

 Randy Rowell 486-2605     Bob Nielsen 818-470-2866


The Village Board meets the second Tuesday of each month at the Village Hall at 6:00 PM.

Planning Commission:

Sue Tiry, chairperson      Ann Johnson

Jan Stacey                      Dana Wuensch

Bob Rueckheim

Rockland Village Hall

105 W. Center Street

P.O. Box 124

Rockland, WI 54653

(608) 486-4037

Village Hall Hours

Monday 8:00-4:00

Tuesday 8:00-4:00

Wednesday Noon-4:00

Thursday 8:00-4:00

Friday Closed

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